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Wedding Dress Style Tips for Minimalist Brides

Wedding Dress Style Tips for Minimalist Brides

Hello minimalist brides, this blog is for you! If you want to make a bridal statement with a simple sample dress, you’ve come to the right place. 

As a minimalist bride, there are so many chic fashion trends you can implement to create a memorable fashion statement on your wedding day. Keep reading to learn our favorite tips!

Explore Glam


If your preferred style choice is a simple gown, but you’re still set on making a statement, consider playing around with nontraditional glam looks. 

With the recent popularity of minimalistic makeup, brides can experiment with a natural cover with added pops of color (like blue and gold eyeliner or bold lips). 

With this in mind, a minimalist bride can take glam to the next level, remembering that it is more than just face makeup. Nail art for your fingers and toes brings attention your hand movements and graceful stride down the aisle. Like many things in life, it’s the little things that can make a bride stand-out.

Stunning Jewelry


Minimalist Brides have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to styling with jewelry, because simple dresses gives you a blank canvas to jazz things up your way. 

Starting with the basics, a fun statement necklace can elevate your look by working together with the fabulous neckline of your dress. An example could be a plunge neckline accompanied with a string of dainty diamonds. 


Or, if you’re flaunting a high neckline or wearing a flowy jumpsuit, bold earrings and chunky bracelets can bring spice to simplicity while maintaining minimal appeal. 



As the trend continues, contrasting colors is an excellent way for minimalist brides to create a fashion statement during their big day. 

If you are worried that your sample gown isn’t packing enough punch, shift the eye of your audience to your pumps. Though matching your dress with your shoes may be a common bridal tradition, a neon pink heel will not only modernize your look but allow the bride to express their inner iconic style!

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