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The 101 on Different Shades of White for Your Wedding Dress

The 101 on Different Shades of White for Your Wedding Dress

The iconic white wedding dress is a western bridal tradition, symbolizing purity. But today, the fashion-forward bride doesn’t have to stick to this cultural norm. 

Your wedding is all about how you want to express yourself and the love you have for your partner. Therefore, you don’t have to wear a white gown if you don’t want to!

Sample wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL come in all styles and colors. Whether you want to go with something completely unique or you want a traditional wedding with a modern twist, there are different shades of white to give you options when shopping for sample wedding gowns. 

Plus, knowing the different types of white shades can help streamline your bridal appointment and help your stylist better understand what kind of white dress best suits your personal style.

Here are some of our favorite off-white picks:

1. Ivory

Ivory is an excellent shade of white due to its versatility and availability. Also called eggshell, ivory exudes warm undertones ranging from off-white to various cremes. 

Because of its subtle warmth, ivory works great with most skin tones. It also works well with most silhouettes and fabrics, making it a popular color choice amongst brides!

2. Pure White

If you are looking for a white that is striking and bright, pure white dresses are the way to go. 

Pure white offers that bright white and carries blue undertones. This occurs because it's produced through bleached fabrics, much like how you would wash your whites at home. 

However, be careful. Due to its blue undertones, pure white doesn’t always work for every bride. This goes hand-in-hand with skin tone, and for some, bright white can cause the skin to look too washed out.

3. Natural White

For the perfect balance of ivory and pure white, meet the versatile shade, natural white. Natural white falls in the middle of the color spectrum since it’s lighter than ivory and darker than pure white. This results in a crisp, clean look

Natural whites are often found in dresses made of natural fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. A great factor of natural white is its subtle appearance, which doesn’t cause skin to look washed out. 

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June 6, 2023


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