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Smart Tips For Traveling With a Wedding Dress

Smart Tips For Traveling With a Wedding Dress

The date is set, the dress is selected, and the tickets are booked. If your destination wedding is right around the corner, the last thing you want to worry about is transporting your wedding dress. After all, it’s very precious cargo. 

Whether you’ll be traveling by plane, car, or are our best tips to keep your gown in pristine condition.

International or Domestic Flights

Going overseas? There are steps you can take to make sure your dress is flying as comfortably as you are.

First, make sure to call your airline to ask if they offer any amenities for flying with wedding dresses

Pack the dress securely in a zip-up garment bag and check it as a carry-on. Some airlines allow brides to store their dresses inside the onboard closet reserved for flight staff, given the chance there is room. If the closet is full, flying with the dress neatly laid flat in an overhead compartment should be fine. 

If you have a little extra money and are especially nervous about flying with your wedding dress, you might consider purchasing it a ticket and seat. This will erase all of your worries of cramped cargo and allow the dress to stay in your sight the entire flight.

Driving Long Distance

If you’ll be roadtrippin’ to your wedding destination, transporting your dress in a car might be the safest option

Like the plane, pack your dress securely in a garment bag. Lay the bag down flat on the backseat of the car, folding down the backseat if possible to allow for extra space and less chance of creases and wrinkles. 

Travel by Boat

Let’s say your wedding is on a boat or you’ll be traveling by boat to get to your wedding destination, but a wet dress is the last thing you want to worry about. 

Shipping your dress can serve as a viable option to ease any stress! 

It may seem risky, but rest assured, shipping wedding dresses is a common method many brides choose to transport their gowns. 

Instead of a garment bag, fold and pack the dress in a plastic cover (like what you get from the dry cleaners). This prevents your dress from getting wet during transit. 

Pack the dress in a corrugated cardboard box, just a little bit bigger than the dress to allow for some breathing room. 

Obtaining insurance for your package IS A MUST. Once your dress arrives at your destination, make sure to have a portable steamer on hand to smooth out any wrinkles.

At One Love, we recommend our friends at Oceanside Cleaners! They are locally owned and operated. They can clean your gown and also preserve your gown after your wedding day.

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Savanah Lambert

June 6, 2023


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