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Reasons Why You Should Shop Local for Your Wedding Dress

Reasons Why You Should Shop Local for Your Wedding Dress

It can be tempting to shop at national wedding dress chain stores, especially if it’s a brand name you’ve heard all your life. However, local bridal boutiques provide an experience unlike any other.

For one, it doesn’t only benefit the bride, but also the community as a whole. In this blog post we’ll share our top reasons for staying local for your wedding dress hunt. After all, One Love is a Jacksonville sample bridal boutique that has helped Jacksonville brides score timeless, budget-friendly gowns that big-brands may not carry!

You Matter

You are driving hours through traffic to get downtown to that chain bridal store at the mall. The associates are kind, but they don’t even address you by your name. Shopping local will produce the exact OPPOSITE results to the stated scenario above. Shopping local for your gown can guarantee one crucial thing:

1.     A personalized experience for your sample wedding gown fittings

A smaller, more intimate bridal boutique gives you the advantage of working with consultants who are more like family than anything else. These individuals are oftentimes passionate about what they do, and since they work in a more laid-back atmosphere, they are able to give guests the time and attention they desire.

Community Support

With a big-brand bridal chain, your money is going straight to the CEO’s pockets. And, let’s be honest, do you really want to finance their next vacation home? 

Instead, shopping local means you are supporting small businesses that provides locals with employment and helps families pay bills.

Your money goes back into making the community a thriving place with a rich culture. 

Unique Finds

What really makes shopping local special is the opportunity to score a sample wedding dress that is truly unique

For example, at One Love, we carry sample gowns from our sister stores that are curated from Florida designers. In other words, these designs aren’t mass-produced. You won’t find them at national chains.

Savanah LambertOne Love Bridal Outlet

Savanah Lambert

June 6, 2023


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