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Our Sister Store, Curve Bridal is Now Carrying Plus Size Sample Wedding Dresses!

Our Sister Store, Curve Bridal is Now Carrying Plus Size Sample Wedding Dresses!

Whether you’re a bride on a budget or looking for gorgeous plus-size sample wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL, our sister store, Curve Bridal has got you covered!

Curve is excited to announce the launch of the first size-inclusive bridal outlet store in Jacksonville, and all size 16 and up sample gowns from One Love and LOVE Bridal will be moved over to Curve. 

This is an excellent opportunity for curvy brides to browse unique and trendy wedding dresses at discounted prices. Curve now carries your favorite designers and the latest styles, in plus sizes that ensure every bride can score the most flattering and comfortable fit for their body.

What is a Plus Size Sample Wedding Dress?

Not to be confused with second-hand, sample wedding dresses are the dresses we provide in-store for brides to try on during their appointments. 

Each season, the samples must be cleared out to make way for new collections. When this happens, samples will be put on sale, off-rack in our Curve bridal outlet store at discounted prices.

This is a convenient option for brides who are shopping on a budget or are in a time crunch and need a wedding dress in a pinch.

What is the Curve Bridal Outlet Store in Jacksonville, FL?

Curve Bridal is proud to be the only bridal boutique to offer plus-size wedding dresses in Jacksonville, FL. And, we take it one step further by opening our new outlet store, which is dedicated to providing beautiful sample gowns in sizes 16 and up

This gives curvy brides more flexibility when shopping for their dream dress. Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for brides of all sizes to have a memorable experience saying ‘yes’ to the dress! 

For more information about the Curve Bridal Outlet store in Jacksonville, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Courtney L.

June 6, 2023


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