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Our Favorite Hairstyle and Wedding Dress Neckline Duos

Our Favorite Hairstyle and Wedding Dress Neckline Duos

Even though you have a stunning wedding dress, the look is not yet complete until you’ve chosen a hairstyle that ties it all together! 

Yes, the wedding dress is hands down the star of the show in terms of your bridal look, but you can’t forget about the details that can really make you shine like the queen you are. 

This being said, every dress neckline needs the perfect hairstyle to match, something that completes your ensemble by drawing attention to your most flattering areas while also making you feel your most beautiful. 

Here are some of our favorite hairstyle and neckline combinations that we feel compliment each other perfectly!

Scoop Neck Dress

The scoop neckline is the classic “U” shape that drops down from shoulder to shoulder, revealing a hint of cleavage.

Half Up, Half Down: The half-up, half-down look embraces the style of the low-slung scoop neckline, allowing the collarbone to be the centerpiece of the look. The bride can choose to wear some strands of hair in the front or opt to push everything back so that the hair flows freely while staying out of their face.

Faux Bob: Depending on the vibe of your wedding or in case you are wearing a vintage dress, a faux bob serves as an excellent option for a scoop neckline. The faux bob is a pinup of hair in curls or waves, giving the effect of a bob. Extremely chic. 


Off-the-shoulder necklines have a subtle sweetness about them. This neckline accentuates the shoulders and collarbone, honing in on the appearance of effortless femininity or BOHO free-spiritedness.

Braided Updo: According to Temur, lead stylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger, off-the-shoulder necklines sustain a “soft beauty”. A braided updo adds to the effect of soft beauty, with curled pieces finishing the look

Side Sweep: The side sweep is a romantic style that pulls all the hair to one side. Paired with the off-the-shoulder neckline, the side sweep embraces femininity and class. Side sweeps can also be slick or curled, giving the bride different choices for a unique touch. 


Like the off-the-shoulder neckline, strapless highlights the bride’s neck, shoulders, and collarbone. Strapless dresses can be worn with a variety of hairstyles, but it all depends on the vibe of your dress and wedding ceremony.

Sleek: If you are a fan of show-stopping headpieces, a sleek pulled-back ponytail or bun will work perfectly with your strapless neckline to accentuate your upper body area. This specific look allows you to really showcase a veil or intricate head jewelry

Hair Down: With a strapless dress, you could also opt to wear your hair completely down. Because of its versatility as a neckline, hair down in waves or even straight provides that girly glam or hippie feel that’s great for outdoor or beach weddings.

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