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Need Inspo When Shopping for Sample Wedding Dresses? Here are the Bridal Trends of 2023

Need Inspo When Shopping for Sample Wedding Dresses? Here are the Bridal Trends of 2023

Shopping for a sample wedding dress doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice trendiness. Trends come and go, and at One Love, we are always cycling in collections from the most popular designers, meaning our brides-to-be have a fresh selection of the latest styles at budget prices!

If you’re not sure what bridal fashion is up to, or you don’t have any idea what styles you’re into, it can understandably be overwhelming to look through racks of sample wedding gowns. However, we can help give you inspo by sharing the bridal trends we’ve been noticing the most this year. 

Extra Sheer

One of the trends that’s been taking over the aisle recently are sheer fabrics overlaid with embellishments or floral motifs. It’s a modern and sultry way to give the allure of only wearing the patterns of the embellishments, while super sheer fabric provides coverage.

Wearing a sheer wedding gown is more versatile than you may think, for example you can match a sheer bodice with a fuller, solid skirt. Sheer is also a great way to get that plunging neckline or backless look without sacrificing support. 

In 2023, the popularity of sheer is only getting more extreme with super delicate lace embellishments that cover the dress from head to toe.

Bows and 3D Florals

For a touch of sweetness, bows are back in the picture for 2023, which gives brides a fun way to add on to a sample dress for a customized look. Make a statement with a single large bow at the base of your back, or tie a bow to the front, like a belt. 

3D florals are also taking center stage for a bold and in-your-face look. Dazzle-up a neckline with a bunch of fabric daisies, or if you feel daring, cover your entire skirt with blossoms.

Blue Hues

In the color department, we are seeing a surge of blue hues that is an eclectic change from the pastel pinks of the recent past. Keep an open mind here, because there are so many gorgeous shades of blue that make a wedding dress absolutely stunning. 

We are seeing subtle, silver blue that is light and classic. Get edgier with subdued satin sky blue that shimmers as you move.

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June 6, 2023


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