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How to Properly Store Your Wedding Dress

How to Properly Store Your Wedding Dress

Whether your wedding is days, weeks, or months away, properly storing your wedding dress is a vital step you must take in order to keep it in perfect condition for your big day. 

Here are our 3 best tips for safely storing your wedding dress!

Don’t Cut The Hang Straps

For most of us, the first thing we do when we buy a new dress or blouse is cut those hang straps, but this is something you must NOT do to your wedding dress. 

Though it may feel uncomfortable against the skin, those hang straps were made for storing wedding dresses

For example, if your dress has heavy beading, the hang straps will balance out the weight and keep a sturdy hold on your dress. After you receive your dress from your final fitting, check how well it hangs from the hang straps.

Choose a Breathable Garment Bag

The type of garment bag housing your dress is crucial for protecting it from the elements. While breathable covering is ideal, here are things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid plastic coverings at all costs. Because, if any moisture gets inside the bag, it may produce a lingering odor that stays with your dress.

  • Cloth or cotton garment bags are a more breathable option that will protect the dress from moisture and odors. 

Keep it Dark and Dry

Think of it this way: you want to shield your dress from the world until it makes its shining debut!

That means finding a dark place to store your dress, a dark place that is also dry. Think spare room closet, somewhere out of reach from the rest of the household. 

For those who live in a smaller space, another great option for dress storage is inside a garment bag laid flat under your bed

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