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How to be Budget Savvy When Shopping for a Wedding Gown

How to be Budget Savvy When Shopping for a Wedding Gown

Got a vision for your dream wedding dress, but not sure if it fits within your price range?

Every bride has a different plan for wedding dress shopping- especially when it comes to a budget.

No matter your plan, the good news is, there’s a dress for every bride-to-be!

That includes options that won’t break the bank or take away from your vision. In 2021, there are plenty of ways to find discount wedding dresses online or at a physical store.

In this post, we’ll fill you in on tips to find wedding dresses within your price range.

1. Buy a secondhand wedding dress

After a bride dons her dress on the big day and donates it to a secondhand shop or consignment, then budget shoppers have a chance to score a barely worn gown for half the price. 

Not only is this a sustainable way to recycle wedding dresses, but it gives you a chance to save on a brand name gown that you love.

The internet has made it easy to shop secondhand, giving you way more access to a multitude of dresses without having to scour limited stock at local shops.

Note: At One Love we do not offer consignment wedding dresses!

2. Find the best sample wedding dresses

If you are set on finding a new designer wedding dress, but don’t want to spend full price, then consider a sample wedding dress outlet.

Sample wedding dresses are showroom dresses that brides try on at their bridal appointments. Bridal boutiques must cycle them out frequently to make way for new dresses, so sample dresses go up for sale at discounted prices.

There are many benefits to buying a sample wedding dress. 

  • You get a designer gown for cheap.
  • You can buy it off the rack the same day.
  • Inventory is refreshed regularly, giving you access to new styles on the daily
  • You can shop for sample wedding dresses online.

At One Love, our price ranges from $500-1500.00. The majority of gowns are marked down 50-75%!

3. Rent a wedding dress

Feeling bleh about spending on a dress you’ll only wear once? That’s where rental wedding dresses are a winning option. 

Shop local or rent online for easy shipping. You can use WeddingWire to find rental wedding gowns near you.

Convenience is a huge plus with rentals, as you don’t have to worry about the cleaning or packing. 

Generally, you pay according to the amount of time you have the dress, then ship it back with a prepaid label once finished.

4. Hunt for wedding dresses off-season

Just like bikinis that are marked way down after summer, the same goes for wedding dress season. 

From spring to summer, wedding dress season is in full swing. If you are into a sleeveless or strapless look, you’ll be able to find these warm weather styles marked down during the fall and winter months.

As well, it’s customary for big chain bridal stores to clear out their inventory after the season ends to make room for new collections. That means you snag an awesome new dress for way less.

Always remember to give yourself enough time for alterations! Ordering your dress at least 6-12 weeks before your wedding ensures enough cushion to get everything done without any stress.

How did you find a great deal on your wedding dress? Tell us in the comments!

Courtney L.One Love Bridal Outlet

Courtney L.

June 6, 2023


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