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Gorgeous Style Inspiration for Florida Brides

Gorgeous Style Inspiration for Florida Brides

Florida weddings are an excellent way to have that destination dream wedding without straying too far from home. From the beaches and latin flavor of the South to the sleepy oaks and Southern charm of the North, there are plenty of unique options for a special outdoor setting.

Of course, there are some factors such as weather and climate that can make a Florida wedding tricky- especially for wedding dresses. In this blog, we share our best Florida style inspo coming straight from a Jacksonville bridal boutique with a local team that has helped hundreds of Florida brides.  

Dressing for the Elements

Florida is a diverse state in terms of climate, with the tropics located in the southern portion of the state, dense forests and rolling fields in the middle of the state and beach, marsh, and forests up in the North. When styling for a Florida wedding, it is important to take into consideration the region of the state you will be in and all of its unique elements.

Tropical Styling

Stretching from the Florida Keys to Palm Beach County, you will find yourself in the tropical oasis of Florida. Think crystal clear blue waters and a generous amount of palm trees….and tons of humidity. Styling for hot, humid weather might have you sweating with fear…but we can give brides a wide range of options to nab their dream style without sacrificing comfort. 

For example, you could step into your ‘Miami Vice’ vibe with pastel color themes of pinks and oranges. For a beach wedding, a short or ankle-length dress lets you sashay through the sand without dirtying the dress hem. 

Fabrics such as chiffon are breathable and lightweight to keep the heat from wreaking havoc. You might also want to aim for a sunset ceremony when it’s cooler outside and the setting sun lends to the beauty of the surroundings.

A Countryside Wedding

If you are a bride who dreams of a shabby chic, rustic countryside wedding, North Florida has got what you need. With sprawling oak trees and cooler temperatures (in the fall and winter) you can say ‘I do’ while wearing your favorite pair of cowboy boots! 

Bohemian wedding dress styles take the stage here, from lace embellishments to off-the shoulder bell sleeves. You can have fun with accessories, such as wearing a jean jacket over your dress or a wide-brim hat. 

If it’s going to be a hot day, consider lightweight, flowing fabrics that allow you to move easily. 



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