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Different Types of Bridal Trains to Accessorize Your Sample Wedding Dress

Different Types of Bridal Trains to Accessorize Your Sample Wedding Dress

Shopping for sample wedding dresses in Jacksonville is the perfect way for Florida brides to save money on their favorite designer looks while also scoring the dress of their dreams in a time crunch.

However, there’s a misconception that you can’t customize a sample gown like a brand new dress, and that’s just not true! Bridal accessories make a huge statement, glamming your look up or down, depending on your personal style.

One way to make a statement with your sample wedding gown is with a bridal train. Here’s what you need to know when choosing a train!

A Style for Every Bride

Bridal trains come in a variety of fabrics, lengths, and styles to give brides plenty of choices to complete their look with ease. To give you a rough overview of trains, we’ve listed descriptions of the most popular train styles below.

1. Sweep Train

If you are looking for a more casual train or one that’s easier to move around in, then the sweep train is an ideal choice. It’s shorter at around 12” long, extending from the hemline and just “sweeping” the floor. 

2. Chapel Train

This is a versatile style that can be formal or casual, depending on your needs. The chapel train is typically 60” in length and extends from the waistline. This is what makes it versatile- you can still move around comfortably without too much length trailing behind.

3. Royal Train

Of course, nothing amps up the ‘wow’ factor as you walk down the aisle quite like a flowing train that never seems to end. 

This is why the royal train is so aptly named. It extends up to 10 ft, trailing behind the bride like a billowing cloud. Needless to say, you’ll turn heads with this one!

4. Cathedral Train

Another formal and highly elegant choice is the cathedral train, which extends 72” to 96” from the waistline. This is a formal piece with a more classic touch.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Train for Your Sample Wedding Dress

Before we send you on your way, don’t forget these crucial bridal train tips! Your bridal consultant is also here to help if you need further guidance.

Consider the fabric, as certain fabrics don’t pair well together. For example, a crepe or chiffon sample wedding gown might be too lightweight for a heavy royal train.

If you want a smooth and easy transition from the ceremony to the reception, consider adding a bustle to your gown. This allows the bride to pin up the train for easier movement.

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