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Clever Tips to Rainproof Your Wedding Dress

Clever Tips to Rainproof Your Wedding Dress

In Florida, the rain likes to fall during the summer months, making outdoor wedding ceremonies prone to a bit of splish-splash.

Nonetheless, there’s not much that can bring a bride down on her big day, especially if you are well prepared for whatever mother nature might throw your way.

We’re talking about your wedding dress. While you can dry off, your wedding dress can’t- and all of that intricate detailing? Well, it needs your protection to stay pristine. In our post, we give you 4 tips to rainproof your gown!

Do your homework

There really is no controlling the weather, but there are ways to prepare. 

First things first: consider weather patterns when choosing the season your event will be held. 

This is very important if your wedding destination is in a tropical region or has its own rainy season. 

Once you have that down, get a plan in order. This plan should be created by you or your wedding planner and should address the implications of thunderstorms and high humidity. 

Regardless if you are having an indoor wedding, the chance of rain can change plans, so you want to do whatever is necessary to ensure you and your guests are comfortable. 

How to Keep Your Wedding Dress Dry

In terms of your dress, there are a few things you can do to keep it dry. 

Consider wearing stylish outerwear until you enter the venue for an added layer of protection. This could include an elegant shawl, jean jacket, or chic cape

Other unique ideas include holding a fancy lace umbrella or a modern, clear umbrella. Boots are a cute touch too, and you can switch into your wedding heels once you arrive at the venue.

These accessories are also great for photos if you’re game to dance in the rain!

Rainproof your Look

Start by rainproofing your look with waterproof makeup to avoid *gasp* running mascara. As far as hairstyles go, discuss the best styles and products with your stylist to combat frizz from a  humidity attack. 

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Talk to your stylist about backup hair and makeup options if rain creates an unexpected switch up. 

Flexibility is Key

Stay positive and look at it as an adventure! It’s up to you to make your wedding a day to remember. 

Plus, don’t forget that you’re not alone. Many caterers/ wedding planners are well equipped in the case of rain. 

If you’re not able to move indoors for your ceremony and the rain catches you by surprise, embrace the shower. Rain symbolizes clarity, rebirth, and cleansing. Simply keep calm and say ‘I do’ with a big smile. 

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