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Choosing Sample Wedding Gowns for a Same-Sex Wedding

Choosing Sample Wedding Gowns for a Same-Sex Wedding

When it comes to same-sex weddings, the grounds for dressing in traditional wedding attire are surrendered to the spectrum of style choices unique to you and your partner’s personal style.

Here at One Love, we would like to share helpful ideas on how you can style your same-sex wedding look, whether you want too stick with tradition or forge your own path. 

To start, it’s important to remember that this is your wedding, which means you make the rules

With this said, coming in hot with two brides in stunning dresses is completely doable. If you and your partner plan on a dynamic dress duo, consider shopping at the same boutique under the same stylist. This way, you can rep different looks that seamlessly complement one another

Here are more style ideas we love!

One-Piece and Two-Piece

At One Love, we have plenty of sample wedding dresses to find an ensemble that coordinates, but with varying details that make each dress unique. 

An option for this is a traditional gown paired with a two-piece gown or jumpsuit. There are plenty of silhouettes that can be found in both one-piece gown and two-piece gown styles

For example, you can opt for a gown with a halter neckline while your partner shows off a two-piece wedding dress, with a halter neckline. 

Think about your body and what elements make you look and feel your best. This can help you decide which details to coordinate with your partner. 

White or Color Fabric?

You can totally go all white for tradition or get innovative with you and your partner’s wedding look by choosing different colored outfits

This can be done with two white gowns or a white gown paired with a white suit. This look can especially be fitting for a winter wedding

All white plays within the lines of tradition, if that is something that interests you. With this in mind, you can also consider the addition of color into your wedding looks. 

Consider a white gown versus a black gown, this polarizing contrast puts a spin on the traditional white dress, black tux look. 

A colored dress paired with a white suit can also add spice to a traditional wedding look (picture a navy blue gown paired with a white suit).

All this said, when starting on your bridal journey, think about the vibe of your ceremony and most importantly, your own personal style. Same-sex wedding looks give you and your partner the opportunity to express individual style, regardless if a dress is worn or not!


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Savanah Lambert

June 6, 2023


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