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8 Styling Tips for Wearing a Hat With Your Sample Wedding Dress

8 Styling Tips for Wearing a Hat With Your Sample Wedding Dress

Hats are a versatile accessory that is great for achieving that boho, western look or even if you want to make a minimalistic wedding dress stand out. 

However, you might be wondering how to best style your hat and gown for overall cohesiveness. Remember, your bridal ensemble is all about your personal expression, so don’t feel like you need to follow any sort of “rules”. What we can offer is inspiration! Check out our 8 tips for wearing a hat with your sample wedding dress.

Style Match

When choosing a hat, consider the style of your wedding dress. For a vintage-inspired look, a birdcage veil or a wide-brimmed hat can be perfect. A rustic or bohemian wedding might call for a flower crown or a floppy sun hat, while a sleek modern dress can be complemented with a chic fedora or cloche.

Coordinating Colors 

Is it important to you that your hat complements your wedding dress color or theme? If that’s the case, a classic white or ivory hat can seamlessly blend with your bridal attire, but don't hesitate to add a pop of color if it sings to your heart.

Consider the Season

Don’t forget that hats are meant to be functional, and this can come in handy on your wedding day! For summer weddings, opt for lightweight materials like straw or lace to keep cool. In colder months, choose a felt or wool hat for warmth and style.

What is the Hat Size Rule of Thumb?

You want your hat to fit comfortably, all while helping you look your best on your big day. While oversized hats can make a dramatic statement, they might not be practical for all venues or themes. Smaller, more understated hats can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming your look.

Hats & Hair

Don’t forget to bring your hat with you to the salon when discussing hair with your stylist! Updos, chignons, or low buns can be ideal for securing a hat in place. Wearing your hair down with a wide-brimmed hat is popular for boho weddings.

Make sure your hat is securely fastened to your head, especially if you plan to dance or move around a lot. Hat pins, combs, or elastic bands can be used to keep it in place.

You Can Wear a Veil with a Hat!

You can combine the timeless elegance of a veil with the stylish appeal of a hat. Place the veil either under the hat for a classic look or over the hat for a more contemporary twist.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Choose accessories that complement your hat. Simple earrings, a delicate necklace, or a statement belt can enhance the overall look without overshadowing the hat's charm.

Confidence is Key

The most important element when wearing a hat with your wedding dress is confidence. Rock your chosen hat with poise and grace, and it will undoubtedly become a stunning focal point of your bridal ensemble.

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