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6 Tips for Rocking a Backless Wedding Dress

6 Tips for Rocking a Backless Wedding Dress

Whether you’re going for a sensual boho look or want to stay cool for a summer wedding, backless wedding dresses are striking, versatile, and show off your neck and shoulders with elegance.

If backless is on your mind, keep these 6 tips close when trying on wedding dresses!

1. Support that buster shape 

Does your dream dress have a buster shape? If it’s backless, it may need extra support. Ask about boning around the back area to enhance the overall comfort and fit.

2. Straps are a huge help

Do you want backless or strapless? You may be tempted to go for both styles in one dress, but honestly, it’s best to choose one style for functionality. 

A low-back dress needs straps to ensure the dress stays up without you having to constantly tug at the waist.

3. Self-care for your back

When showing off a backless number, your skin is on full display. Keep that glow fresh by exfoliating with your favorite body scrub.

Keep your pores clean by showering immediately after a sweaty workout.

4. Check for gaping

When you’re trying on backless gowns at your appointment, don’t forget to do the gape test.

Sit down with the dress on, bend over, and lean at different angles to see whether the dress aligns with your curves or slumps/bunches in certain areas.

5. The best bra for backless

Worried about what bra to wear with your backless gown? The good news is that backless dresses typically have padding or cups sewn into the chest area already

If your dress doesn’t come with padding or you want more support, try adhesive silicone cups.

6. How low can you go?

While you’re doing the gape test we mentioned above, don’t forget to check how low the seam dips above your derriere. The last thing you want to worry about is a backless dress that is too revealing.

For reassurance, you can always add a simple lace trim for added coverage.

Need a seamstress to help with backless customizations? When you purchase with us, we will provide a list of seamstresses that we recommend for alterations. 

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Courtney L.

June 6, 2023


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