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3 Important Things to Tell Your Bridal Consultant

3 Important Things to Tell Your Bridal Consultant

Your bridal appointment is set and you’re ready to start on the quest for your dream wedding dress. Your bridal consultant is ready to help you, too, and has the knowledge and know-how to guide you along the way, answer your questions, and ease any worries!

But before you go in, here are 3 things you should mention to your bridal consultant to help streamline your appointment!

1. Tell Us If You’ve Already Been To Other Fittings

Don’t worry, we won’t be upset! 

Letting your bridal consultant know about prior fittings will only help us get to know you, your preferences, and how to customize your experience at One Love.

That way, we can focus on areas that haven’t been explored yet, for example, avoid dress styles you already know aren’t for you or materials that don’t make you feel like your best self.

2. Be Up Front

Make sure you tell your bridal consultant exactly how you feel about each dress you try on. Remember that your bridal consultant is there to help! 

If something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to let us know. For example, if you aren’t into strapless dresses, then we can nix that style right away to save time.

We want to find a dress that speaks to you and makes you want to shout “Yes” from the rooftops!

3.  Let’s Talk Sizing

The size of your dress is your decision, but it’s also an important discussion point with your consultant. For instance, if you’re not clear about why your consultant is suggesting a particular size, ask to see a size chart.

Or, if you’re on a weight loss plan, share your goals so they can help you determine if a smaller size is best for you.

Also share your favorite fit, because while some brides prefer a snug fit, others might like something that doesn’t hug the hips too tightly. This is especially helpful if you are between sizes, and your consultant can determine if it’s ideal to size up or down, depending on your preferences.

If we don’t carry your size at One Love, no worries- we have several talented seamstresses that can fit the gown a few sizes up or down to your size!

At the end of the day, your bridal consultant just wants to put you in a dress that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful for your big day. Being open with us will help smooth out the details and tailor a plan just for you!

Savanah LambertOne Love Bridal Outlet

Savanah Lambert

June 6, 2023


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