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3 Best Wrinkle-Free Fabrics for a Wedding Dress

3 Best Wrinkle-Free Fabrics for a Wedding Dress

It’s easy to swoon over the fabric of a wedding dress, only to discover that it wrinkles easily! No bride wants to pull out her gown on the big day only to discover wrinkles that can be challenging to smooth out.

If you are planning on traveling for your wedding or need to pack your dress away for safekeeping, you can avoid the stress and headaches by going for a low-maintenance fabric that is wrinkle-proof. 

Here are 3 top fabrics to consider if you want to prevent a crinkle-fest and keep your gorgeous gown in pristine condition no matter what!


This crinkled fabric is your best bet at eliminating a wrinkled-down dress. Not only does it hold up well, but it comes in a variety of materials including cotton, silk, or rayon. 

Crepe puts up a good fight against wrinkles because the texture is already a bit on the rough side, so if your dress ends up in a scrunched position, chances are you won’t even notice wrinkles since the naturally crinkled texture does a great job of making it appear like it’s meant to be there.


Lace dresses are elegant, timeless and a superb fabric for hiding wrinkles. In most cases, lace dresses are lined, providing an added dimension to the dress that stays smooth and crinkle-free. Through the intricate detailing and added layer of lining, wrinkles seem to go unnoticed. 

Silk Tulle

A dress made out of all tulle is a superstar when it comes to preventing wrinkles. At first glance, tulle may seem like an uncomfortable choice, but silk tulle actually provides a soft finish (versus the typical polyester, which tends to have a rough texture). Tulle typically keeps its shape, but if faced with a wrinkle, a handheld steamer works great for a quick fix. 

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