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This is Why You Shouldn’t Shop for Your Wedding Dress Online

This is Why You Shouldn’t Shop for Your Wedding Dress Online

Wedding dress shopping is a memorable time as you search for your perfect gown. However, every bride has different needs, whether they are in a time crunch or are looking for a great deal.

This can drive brides to search online for a wedding dress, where they feel they have access to more inventory at comparable prices. Plus, we all know how nice it is buy something with a few clicks without having to leave the house.

But while Amazon is great, online bridal boutiques are a different ball game altogether. Choosing a dress is not as easy as reading the reviews. 

At One Love, we actually don’t recommend shopping for your wedding gown online, and here’s why…

What You See is Not Always What You Get

You have to be very careful when shopping bridal online. There are issues with counterfeit dresses. Some stores feature designer pictures, but the dress you receive in the mail is nothing like the picture, and certainly not designer.

You also don’t know how well the colors or detailing will match up. There’s also the risk of receiving a dirty or used dress instead of the new one you paid for. 

You’re taking a gamble here by relying solely on pictures, and if it’s a final sale with no refund- you’re only adding to the stress of possibly losing money on a wedding dress you don’t even like.

You Can’t Try it On

This is the biggest con of any type of online clothing purchase…you can’t try the thing on! For casual clothes, this typically isn’t a big deal, but for a wedding dress, it can be much more costly and stressful. 

There is a bridal timeline to follow that allows for alterations and extra fittings before the big day. If a wedding dress doesn’t fit at all, you’re back to square one trying to find a dress.

Plus, you don’t get to feel the different fabrics, see how certain colors look against your skin tone, or see the intricate details of embellished dresses. When trying on dresses, it’s a 360 degree sensory experience!

You Don’t Have That Professional Support

Another big con is that you won’t have a bridal consultant to offer you golden advice on designers, fittings, fabrics, and styles. 

Having this kind of expert guidance is so important, and can help you to find the best dress that not only flatters you, but makes you feel warm and happy inside.

There Are Other Ways

If you’re in a time crunch or have a budget, there are other options to find a beautiful wedding gown instead of shopping online.

Bridal outlets like One Love offer sample wedding dresses that can be bought off-rack at discounted prices. The advantage is that you still get the benefits of booking a bridal appointment with a consultant and you can try on multiple styles.

Trunk shows are also a great way to nab a dress for a deal if there is a particular designer you love. Typically, if you find a dress at a trunk show and buy it there, you can receive a discount.

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