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How to Customize Your Modern Sample Wedding Dress for a Vintage Look

How to Customize Your Modern Sample Wedding Dress for a Vintage Look

So you found a lovely modern sample wedding dress that is the ONE, but your wedding theme is Old Hollywood…what’s a bride to do? Never fear, you can transform it into a vintage masterpiece with a few savvy adjustments! In this post, we show you how to customize your wedding dress for that timeless vintage appeal.

1. All in the Fabric

When shopping for a sample wedding dress, and are on a budget, learn about vintage fabrics to look for. It can make all the difference without you having to spend extra on customizations. 

Materials such as lace, satin, or tulle have been gracing the aisle for ages. Lace, in particular, is synonymous with vintage fashion and can be added to the bodice, sleeves, or skirt to evoke a classic feel.

2. Alter the Silhouette

As you browse the racks, keep an eye out for dress silhouettes that reflect older eras. Popular vintage silhouettes include A-line, tea-length, and empire waist gowns. These cuts are not only flattering but also timeless. Consult a skilled tailor to adjust your dress’s shape to match your vision.

3. Incorporate Antique Lace and Beading

Adding antique lace and beading can dramatically change the look of a modern dress. You can source what you love from fabric stores or online marketplaces. Beading in intricate patterns, particularly around the neckline, waist, or sleeves, can add an exquisite, period-specific touch.

4. Old School Accessories That Pop

Enhance your dress without going too crazy by choosing the perfect accessories. A lace veil, antique brooch, or heirloom jewelry can instantly infuse a vintage vibe. Consider adding a sash or belt with vintage embellishments to accentuate your waist and create a focal point.

5. Modify Necklines and Sleeves

Vintage dresses often feature distinctive necklines and sleeves. Transform a modern dress by altering the neckline to a sweetheart, boat neck, or high collar. Adding sleeves—such as cap, puff, or long lace sleeves—can also enhance the old-school appeal.

6. Make it Unique with Vintage Buttons and Closures

Replace modern zippers with vintage buttons or clasps. Pearl buttons, covered buttons, or decorative clasps can add a subtle but significant vintage detail. This small change can have a crucial impact on the overall look of your gown without being costly.

7. Opt for a Timeless Color Palette

Consider dying your dress in an old Hollywood-inspired palette like ivory, champagne, or blush. These softer hues are reminiscent of bygone gowns and can give your dress a romantic, timeless quality.

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Courtney L.

June 6, 2023


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