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How to Choose a Sample Wedding Dress for a Casual, Outdoor Wedding

How to Choose a Sample Wedding Dress for a Casual, Outdoor Wedding

For your upcoming outdoor wedding, you may be racking your mind with how to pick the right style for your sample wedding gown. 

What’s nice about outdoor weddings is the air of casualness, which allots the bride a wide range of choices in terms of dresses for all types of outdoor venues. 

Whether it be your favorite local beach or the comforts of your garden, finding the right silhouette and fabrics for your nuptials in nature allows the bride to tap into her own personal style without sacrificing comfort. Keep reading to learn tips on how to choose the best gown for your outdoor ceremony!

Dressing for the Venue

The first thing to keep in mind is the climate and natural elements. Sure, there are no rules about wearing a chic fur-lined jumpsuit on the sandy beach of your dreams, but that may not be the most practical choice due to the tropical weather. 

Choosing a sample gown that compliments your venue ensures that you (the bride) can move comfortably, as well as compliment the design and décor of your ceremony. For example, a lightweight chiffon A-line may be a better option for that sandy beach, due to its easy mobility.

Dress Materials for the Outdoors

The next thing to think about is what kind of weather to expect on your wedding day. Will you be marrying in the heat of day or chill of night? Winter, spring, summer or fall? 

With all this said, choosing a dress material that works with the environment is another factor of feeling comfortable during your outdoor ceremony. If you plan on marrying in the warmer months, a sample gown spun in lace or sheer fabric may be the route to consider. These fabrics are breathable and lightweight, making it easier to get through your ceremony without an abundance of sweat. 

Cooler weddings give the bride room to pick from heavier materials, such as, velvet or moiré.  



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