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Buying a Second Sample Wedding Dress: Yay or Nay?

Buying a Second Sample Wedding Dress: Yay or Nay?

Do you want to buy a second wedding dress for your big day? You might be wondering what the point is…especially since wedding dresses can be pricey and the hunt for the perfect single dress can take time.

Lo and behold, bridal trends are forever changing, and the trend of wearing two dresses on the big day is becoming more popular.

Why Buy a Second Sample Wedding Dress?

There are several reasons why brides are jumping on the bandwagon. For one, a second dress offers comfort. After your ceremony, you might want to slip into something more casual and easy to move in, especially on the dance floor. Having a second option gives the bride that convenience.

It’s also a unique way to keep the focal point on you the entire day. If you love fashion and expressing your personal style, this is your personal runway, bebe. The transition from one bridal look to the next allows for creative photographs and fun for the bride to make memories.

Honestly Though, You Don’t Need a Second Wedding Dress

After all is said and done, you really don’t need to wear a second wedding dress. Not every bride has the budget or time to go the extra yard, and that’s ok! Trends come and go, and that’s not what your wedding is about.

This is YOUR day and you can make it how you want. It’s easy to let others' opinions rattle you, but think about it: you dress yourself every day, when it comes down to it, it’s your opinion that matters and nothing else.

Changing it Up on a Budget

If you do want to change up your look on your wedding day without spending tons of money, there are ways to get creative. Sample wedding dresses are perfect for a second option since they are ready to buy off the rack and are discounted.

You can also wear a detachable skirt over a shorter dress during the ceremony, then remove the skirt when it’s time to party. A bustle is also an easy accessory that allows the bride to pin up a long, formal train for the reception.

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